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Ensuring a Productive Relationship

Michigan is an “at will” state. Employees are presumptively at will, meaning that absent a written agreement requiring just cause for termination, an employer can terminate an employee anytime without good cause and without notice. However, there are numerous state and Federal laws that provide significant protections to employees which can be financially catastrophic to an employer if violated or mishandled. Those areas include discrimination, harassment, compensation, payment of commissions, and retirement plans, just to name a few. At Thompson Stewart, our corporate clients receive a complimentary review of their employment practices, contracts and policy manuals. In this way, our clients avoid costly mistakes and problems in advance.

Employment Agreements

Both a business owner and employee must be properly protected during an employment relationship. This is especially true if the employee is subject to certain confidentiality or non-competition requirements or is paid in whole or in part through commissions. We have substantial experience in drafting all forms of employment agreements and policy manuals for a wide spectrum of businesses. Without properly drafted documents in place, employers risk significant and unnecessary liability and exposure.

We also represent employees, protecting them from being taken advantage of by their employer and having their rights violated. One example of our employment specialization is helping you review and negotiate employment, non-compete and severance agreements.

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“The employer makes a promise to the employee to provide a safe environment and wages in exchange for the employee’s services and diligence in fulfilling the goals of the business. You can have a good employment experience based on whether policies are in place that protect you and whether you are compliant with company policy.”

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