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Family Law

Divorce/Child Custody Support

A pending divorce is one of the most traumatic and stressful events an individual can face. Before considering legal action most clients will want to be certain they have taken every action to reconcile. However, if a divorce is inevitable, you will want to ensure you have taken every possible step, in advance, that is necessary to protect yourself, your children and your financial position going into that situation. At Thompson Stewart we are proactive and strategic and that is especially true when it comes to divorce.

Unfortunately, many divorce attorneys use the emotion of the situation to fuel an unnecessary, expensive and protracted battle. We, on the other hand, always work toward the best interests of the client and his or her family by resolving the issues that can be settled, and limit expensive court battles to only issues that cannot be agreed upon and then only to the extent necessary. A good divorce attorney can easily predict the outcome of a contested divorce on all issues of custody, support, division of assets and debt and spousal support. At Thompson Stewart we carefully analyze the case specific facts, circumstances and issues up front, advise the client on the likely outcome, and then proceed to achieve the best result in that context.

Consistent with our proactive approach, it is our practice to meet with divorce clients well in advance of the filing for divorces. This is to ensure that everything that can be done in advance of the court proceeding to protect you and your family is identified and implemented.

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